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Huge growth in ‘self-generated’ sexual abuse imagery online

New IWF (Internet Watch Foundation) data shows almost 20,000 reports of coerced ‘self-generated’ sexual abuse imagery showing 7-10 year olds in the first half of 2022.

This figure is 360% up on 2020 while material showing boys aged 11-13 years is up 137%.

‘Self-generated’ sexual abuse imagery is captured by the child themselves using smartphones or webcams and then shared online via a variety of platforms. Children are often deceived, groomed or extorted into creating this content which is then shared widely online.

Entirely preventable, the IWF are calling this growth a social and digital emergency and asking governments, law enforcement, tech companies and educators to do more.

As parents, we remain the most important and powerful defenders of our children’s safety online just as in the real world. Speaking to your child regularly and engaging with their use of technology is the single most effective way to reduce the risks to them.

If you discover your child has shared an indecent image, report this to the IWF ( as they will work to get it removed from the internet.


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