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Instagram has launched new parental controls – here’s how to access them

Meta, the parent company that owns Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, has launched a new feature on Instagram they have called Supervision.

Once set up, it enables you to:

  1. See how much time is being spent using Instagram and set time limits.

  2. See the accounts they follow and who follows them.

  3. Receive notifications about their activity e.g. new followers.

The feature does not allow you to view their search history or messaging activity, although if they have a public account or you follow them you will be able to see their posts anyway. We recommend you do follow their account and that you check whether they have alternate accounts!

This is quite a light-touch solution which means it should be easier to sell to your child however there are still other things you should do to keep your child safe using Instagram within the NetHabit guide.

To set up the new controls, you will need to open your Instagram app and then tap on the three lines in the top right hand corner. Then tap settings at the top of the list then tap Supervision.

From here you can invite your children (Instagram calls them ‘teens’ as they claim the platform is only to be used by people aged 13+ however most 11 year olds have an account!). Your child will need to accept the invitation within 48 hours. You will then be able to follow the steps above to access Supervision and then select Accounts you supervise to set limits and see who they are connected to.

If you encounter resistance to this from your child, there are lots of useful guides and resources in the NetHabit app which support successful conversations around the use of technology in your family.


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